Samantha’s Week One – Back to Maps…

It’s been a buzz so far! I’ve been reminded of the power of data and a map together. Once combined questions that seemed unanswerable are suddenly simple.

Samantha’s Week One – Back to Maps…

Whole new possibilities are opened up. I’ve seen the lightbulb go on as customers unfamiliar with spatial analysis have a whole new world of possibilities opened up to them. And for those that know the power of spatial analysis there is the joy of discovering the fantastic data that Geolytix have on offer.

Having spent years on the inside of major retailers in the UK and Australia it’s been refreshing to see how this small Business has the agility to create new and interesting ways of showing data and modelling it. There is a real focus on ‘doing it right’ which filters through the data, models and approach to helping customers. Working with customers is definitely seen as a partnership here and across the team there is a real passion to excel in everything we do.

What I’m really excited about is how we bring spatial analytics to a broader market. The big food retailers have long understood its power in making the right strategic and investment decisions. But what could we do for other sectors – leisure, restaurants, healthcare, banking, insurance, and any website with a geographic element.

And how about doing this outside the UK? How convenient for pan-european and global operators to have data that all fits together! I’ve just seen data that knits together the latest census findings across Europe. What an easy way to get generate insight and support pan-European strategies.

So I will sum up my first (ever) blog with a sense of being a square peg in a square hole (a good start!), thrilled with the capability of the team and very excited about what we can achieve in the future.

Samantha has shaped new space expansion in Coles Australia and Sainsburys and joins Geolytix as Commercial Director.