Becoming a micro multinational

Over the years, Geolytix has grown internationally. Ben Purple, our Business Director, tells how our growth wasn't exactly how we originally envisioned.

Becoming a micro multinational

When I joined Geolytix back in 2018, we were embarking on our International journey, with a clear strategic plan to focus on a small number of key markets – the UK (obviously), and China where we had just persuaded Coco to lead Geolytix in establishing an operation, and Japan where Luke had recently joined us.

3 and a half short years on – Coco and Luke have become firmly established members of the Geolytix family, and we couldn’t wish for better people to fly the flag in China and Japan respectively.

But how did that strategic plan to focus on a small number of key markets work out?

It’s fair to say that things didn’t quite pan out the way we planned they would – and we couldn’t be happier about that.

The most recent tally of countries we’ve worked in over the past 3 years is now 62. Whilst mapping demographics in Armenia, or modelling demand in Costa Rica, or building Retail Places in India weren’t part of the original plan, we’re now in the amazing position of having built out datasets, and experience, in places we never imagined we’d have been asked to.

Just need things to get back to normal now, dust the passport off, and get that Costa Rica site visit in now…no substitute to seeing things on the ground!

Ben Purple, Director at Geolytix

Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash