1. To travel fast go alone, to travel far go together
  2. Everyone is on a journey; maybe struggling, maybe rocking it, probably both
  3. Every client organisation has its own peculiarities, it is what makes working for them interesting
  4. You can win or lose business for reasons within domains you did not even know existed
  5. For everything you do, remember there are people who can do it better than you
  6. Small personal kindnesses are remembered for months and years, sometimes decades
  7. Over delivering (sometimes!) is good, it can make you feel great about yourself too
  8. Doing something is far more impressive than talking about something
  9. Asking difficult questions is easy
  10. Saying no is fine, but make sure you explain why and offer a path to yes

These are my top-of-mind thoughts (platitudes!) jotted down in 4 minutes when reflecting on my journey, other colleagues I'm sure will have very different thoughts.

Blair Freebairn, CEO at Geolytix